April 6th, 1911

Report on Agriculture:

We have received a copy of the Report of the Secretary for Agriculture for Nova Scotia for 1910. This report is especially interesting in respect to Horticulture, to which branch of Agriculture a larger space is devoted than usual. Kings County figures quite largely as may be seen by the following extracts from the Table of Contents:

Horticulture in Nova Scotia, P. J. Shaw.

The Outlook for Fruit Growing, Ralph S. Eaton, Kentville.

Growing Nursery Stock, Henry P. Banks, Waterville.

Planting an Orchard, P. J. Shaw.

An Englishman's Experience in Fruit Farming, Henry Watts, Waterville.

Experiences in Orcharding, E. E. Archibald, Wolfville.

The History and Origin of some of our best known standard varieties of Apples, R. W. Starr, Wolfville.

What a small Orchard can do, (Judge Chipman's).

What one apple tree has done, Jos. A. Kinsman, Lakeville.

Co-operation in packing and marketing fruit, John N. Chute, Berwick.

Co-operation in fruit marketing in Nova Scotia, S. C. Parker, Berwick.

Co-operation fruit packing and shipping, F. M. Chute, Waterville.

Spraying, W. H. Woodworth, Berwick.

Strawberry growing in the Annapolis Valley, manning K. Ells, Port Williams.

Winter Rhubarb, F. M. Chute.

Commercial Orcharding, (experience of S. B. Chute, Berwick).

Cranberry culture, J. S. Bishop, Auburn.

Tomato Growing, A. Grevatt, Berwick, F. A. Parker.

Dairying and Orcharding, F. W. Foster, Kingston.

Poultry keeping in relation to orcharding, M K. Ells.

Raspberry Culture, B. H. Lee, Berwick.

A summary of orchard practice, P. J. Shaw.

Other artices on Horticulture are by Prof. Cumming, F. H. Johnson, R. J. Messenger, G. C. Miller, G. H. Vroom, Errett Wallace (Cornell Univ.) Josiah Smith (Queens Co.,) Prof. H. W. Smith, Truro, and E. S. Archibald, Agriculturist at the Provincial College of Agriculture.

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