THE REGISTER is indebted to W. B. MacCoy, K.C., Secretary, Department of Industries and Immigration, Province of Nova Scotia, for the above photo-engravure of the Nova Scotia Government Fruit Exhibit at the Daily Mail Imperial Fruit Show, Crystal Palace, London, England, which took place Oct 28th to Nov. 5th, 1921. This splendid fruit exhibit, consisting of fifty-four boxes of the Annapolis Valley's choicest varieties, was arranged by the Department of Agriculture and Immigration in co-operation with Dr. Cummings and Professor P. J. Shaw, of the Agricultural College. The fruit was carefully selected by Professor Shaw and packed in F. A. Parker's warehouse, Berwick. The exhibit consisted of such standard varieties as McIntosh Red, Kings, Baldwin, Cox Orange, Blenheim, Spy, Golden Russet, Greening, Red Stark, Wagner and Salome.

The exhibit was in charge of Major Murphy, of the Dominion Department of Emigration and a native of Nova Scotia, while Miss J. B. Martin, of the Nova Scotia Agent General's staff, who had the arranging of the stand, received many compliments on its appearance. (Both Miss Martin and Major Murphy are shown in the picture).

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