Berwick Register, Aug. 31st, 1898, Cambridge

Our school opened on Monday, the 22nd, with a large attendance. Miss Jennie Craig is teacher. During vacation we made some repairs on the inside of our school room. We sheathed the walls, painted the whole woodwork, put in new blackboards, and kalsomined the ceiling. Our room now will compare favorably with any in the county, and is comfortable and attractive.

J. Howe Cox, Esq., attended the Provincial shooting at Bedford and did so well that he has secured a place on the Ottawa team. He left for Ottawa on Friday last, and expects to be gone some eight or ten days.

Mr. Cox has purchased the patent right for Nova Scotia of the celebrated apple basket invented and patented by Mr. Benjamin Sanford, of Woodville. On Mr. Cox's return he expects to go over the apple growing section of the province, and introduce the new basket.

Miss Oaks, from Halifax, with her little niece, Miss Hilda Storey, is spending some weeks with Mrs. C. W. F. Webster.

Mrs. Henry Borden, of Church St., spent last week at her old home.

Old Mrs. Craig is visiting her daughter, Mrs. McConnell, at Welsford.

Mr. F. R. Rachford and wife took in the Odd Fellows excursion to Halifax.

On Tuesday of last week the Methodist Sabbath School of Berwick held their picnic on the Cambridge picnic grounds. Mr. Enos Knowlton kindly allowed them the use of his boat, and the picnickers expressed themselves as well pleased with the whole affair. The Berwick Band was in attendance and gave us some good music from the water.

On Saturday the South Berwick School enjoyed a similar excursion.

Cambridge Division is still "Holding the Fort," and is at present quite interested in the coming election. At their last meeting on Saturday evening the question "Was the United States justified in declaring war against Spain?" was debated. The affirmative was upheld by Mr. David E. Woodman and the negative by Mr. Acel West. On division a majority appeared for Mr. West.

Mrs. J. Howe Cox, of Cambridge, is entertaining friends from the States the past week. Among her guests are her sister, Mrs. A. E. Brougham, and Miss Winnie Brougham, Mrs. G. F. Harris and Miss Idelle Purinton, all from Boston. They purpose to stay a month in Nova Scotia and have already visited a number of adjoining towns. One day last week they had a pleasant drive to Evangeline Beach and enjoyed a dip in the briny deep. They start for Halifax Saturday to spend a few days. Mr. Cox intends meeting them on his return from his trip to Ottawa and will show them places of interest. Mrs. Cox will accompany them, also Mrs. Parsons and daughter Mabel and Miss B. Pitcher, of Halifax, and Mrs. A. J. Bounell and nephew Harold Bounell, of New York. Mrs. Cox's time is fully occupied making everything as pleasant as possible for her many friends and through her kindness they cannot help but carry away with them very pleasant memories of their visit to her pretty home.

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