The Farmers Steamer.

The steamship "Nor" the first venture of the newly formed Fruit Shipping Co. loaded at Halifax last week and sailed for London on Friday. She carries 11,600 barrels of apples shipped by the farmers of this valley in their own-chartered steamer. Another steamer is expected to be ready for loading about Feb. 15th.

Mr. S.B. Chute who watched the loading of the Nor on behalf of the shippers tells us that the apples were most carefully handled, only one barrel of the nearly 12,000 loaded being unheaded during the process. On a steamer of another line which was loaded at the same time a man was on hand with a hatchet, his sole business being to "head up" barrels which opened in going on board. "On board the Nor" says Mr. Chute, "they were handled like eggs."

The freight rates charged by the Nor including railway charges are 72 cts per barrel as against 90 cts hither to charged by the subsidized lines. These lines have now made a large reduction in their rates, that reduction dating from the day following the closing of the agreement to charter the Nor.



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