Kings Country Board of Trade.

The annual meeting of the Kings Country Board of Trade will be held at the Court House, Kentville on Wednesday, Jan. 13th, at 3 o'clock.

Besides the Election of officers, several important matters are to come up for discussion. WH Chase will deliver an address upon the Nova Scotia Apple Barrel. Is a change necessary for the shipment of Apples and Potatoes? William Young will open a discussion upon "Our Road making System. Is any change possible?" And C.R.H. Starr will present his views of "the Future of our Apple Industry."

Lower Rates:

Dr. Balcom, of Aylesford, acting in the interests of the Annapolis Valley Fruit Shipping Company, has chartered a first class steamer to load at Halifax for London, about the 15th inst, at a through rate of 72 cents per barrel. The rapidity with which the steamer's space is being taken up shows that the move is appreciated by the fruit growers. It is understood that this steamer is to be followed later by others.


Hon. Dr Borden visited Kingsport on the 6th in interest of the Dyke.
Mr. Robert Burns of Hantsport was here a few days fitting new rigging for Schr. Harold Borden. She is loaded and will sail for Havana about the 12th.
Schr. Golden Light arrived Jan 5th with apples which went per rail to Amherst.
Schr. J. W. Durant arrived on 8th to load potatoes for Havana.

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