June 3rd 1948

Apple Blossom Festival Float Admired By Many

Berwick's Apple Blossom Festival float which paraded in Kentville, Saturday, again created great interest and evoked many compliments, but fared not quite as well as the 1947 float, which won first prize in the artistic class. Minas Basin took the prize, this year, and Berwick was accorded second place.

The float was prepared under the direction of Mrs. P.W. Chisholm, but she says others deserve the most credit, especially Harry Cohoon, who made the sunburst and arches, and helped with the decoration and dismantling, the latter being most difficult and disagreeable, as the decorations became a soggy mass from the rain that fell on the float.

Special mention is made of the work done by S. R. Hayden; of green carpet loaned by H. C. Lindsay; garage for working on float, Hiram Thomas, who cleared it of machinery, so it could be used; truck, loaned by Dean Hennigar; driver, Bud Hennigar; all cellophane used, Gerald Bezanson; green carpet, Mrs. A. E. Marsters.

The float committee was composed of Mrs. P. W. Chisholm, Harry Cohoon, Margaret Bezanson, Charles Illsley, Wayne Earley, Mrs. C. W. Cook, E. S. Illsley, Mrs. Ivan Cornwall, most of whom gave many hours of work. Others who helped, making roses or in decorating the gloat were: Mrs. Lester Bligh, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bezanson, Mrs. K. Marshall, Mrs. Wilbur Hills, Mrs. Lloyd Palmer, Mrs. G. R. T. Ayling, Mrs. Harvey Margeson, Mrs. E. S. Illsley, Mrs. Howard Margeson, Mrs. Arthur Pearson, Mrs. Fred Simpson and Jean Harvey Crowell, Mrs. W. Heffler, Mrs. W. Williams, Mrs. R. Middlemas, Mrs. Harvey Crowell, Misses Valera Tupper and Tillie Saulnier, Mrs. S. C. Parker, Mrs. J. G. Rood, Mrs. Craig Caldwell, Mrs. E. W. Cogswell, Mrs. Bernard Morris, Mrs. Clifford Swindell, Mrs. M. S. Horsburgh, Paul Whitman, Fred Bligh, Misses Barberie Bethune and Rose Fancy, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Zwicker, Mrs. Spurlen Burns, Mrs. Roddie Between, Mrs. Theodore Parker, Mrs. Russell McKinlay, Miss Amanda Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Perley Corkum.

The boys and girls on the float were Billy Hills and David Davies, in cream flannel trousers, blue coats and black blow ties. Marlene Bligh and Yvonne Williams, in yellow frilled floor-length frocks with yellow bonnets.

The yellow roses were so realistic that bees buzzed around when the float was at the Kentville park and stung Billy Hills.

The committee expresses great appreciation to all who helped, and most especially to Mr. Cohoon, without whom they say the idea of the float could never have been carried out.

If the names of any helpers have been left out, the committee says it is entirely unintentional.

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