Apple Blossom Festival Will Provide Many Attractions, May 24, 1933.

Event Will Commemorate Tercentenary Of Fruit Culture In The Annapolis Valley.

While arrangements are practically complete for the Apple Blossom Festival to be staged at Kentville on the second, third and fourth days of June, citizens of the shire town, who are putting forth every effort to make the occasion a complete success, are not a little concerned as to the possibilities of the trees being in bloom on the dates set for the festival. At the present moment there is every indication that the height of bloom will be well over by the 3rd of June. However, be that as it may, it is impossible to foretell three or four months in advance just what effect the elements will have on conditions affecting the blossom period in a climate such as ours; and, in the meantime, arrangements must be carried out.

The ambitious event, which it is proposed to make an annual one, has (it is understood) the backing of the Provincial Government, and with the wholehearted efforts of the citizens of the shire town and the cooperation of other sections of the Valley, its success is well assured.

Outstanding attractions will include addresses by distinguished visitors; a performance by Les Disciples de Massenet, of Montreal, under the direction of Mr. Charles Goulet; folk songs by a chorus of one thousand voices from schools of the Annapolis Valley; folk singing by 500 children; apple pageant depicting song, music and story, "the apple" from the Garden of Eden onward; grand street parade, with five bands, floats, etc.; ball games, street dancing, band concerts and a grand ball.

The event will fittingly commemorate the tercentenary of orcharding in the Annapolis Valley and on the North American continent. In 1633, 300 years ago, Pierre Martin planted young apple trees from Normandy at Belleisle, near the site of the Granville of today, in this Valley of the Acadian land, and that, history tells us, was the first planting of apples on the continent of North America.

An attraction of interest to apple growers and visitors to Grand Pre Memorial Park during the festival will be a French apple tree recently received from France and planted close to the Evangeline well. This tree is the gift of Eugene Girault, President of the Syndicate of French Nurseries, in association with Prof. Ernest Martin, of Poitiers, France, teacher of French at Dalhousie University during the 1931-32 term.

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