May 31st 1933


Have you seen an apple orchard in the
In the Spring?

An English apple orchard in the Spring?
When the spreading trees are hoary
With the wealth of promised glory,
And the mavis pipes his story,
In the Spring?

And caught their subtle odors in the Spring?
Pink buds bursting at the light,
Crumpled petals, baby white?
Just to touch them a delight,
In the Spring?

Have you walked beneath the blossoms in the Spring?
In the Spring?
Beneath the apple blossoms in the Spring?
When the pink cascades are falling
And the silver brooklet brawling,
And the cuckoo bird is calling,
In the Spring?

If you have not, then you know not, in the Spring,
In the Spring?
Half the color, beauty, wonder of the Spring.
No sight can I remember, half so precious,
Half so tender
As the apple blossoms in the Spring.


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