October 3rd, 1933

Cooperage Opens In Morning, Lost In Midnight Blaze

Origin of Flames at Aylesford and Antigonish Unknown; Firefighters Prevent Spread of Fire

AYLESFORD, Oct. 3. - Mystery flames at midnight raced through the cooperage operated by Carl Smith, 18 hours after operations at the new plant commenced and today the new industry is in ashes.


Heavy loss accompanied the blaze as no insurance was carried and besides the 45 x 36 building its contents consisting of 500 made up barrels, 22,000 staves, 11,000 hoops and 10,000 heads were consumed. The monetary loss will total $4000.

Work at the plant was started in the morning. After work, at seven p.m. Mr. Smith visited the cooperage and no signs of fire were present. Similarly, at 11 p.m. as he passed by there were no evidences of a blaze. Twenty minutes later the flames were discovered.

$1000 LOSS

AYLESFORD, Oct. 2 - Saturday evening, Carl Smith lost his cooperage shop and all its contents by fire. The loss is well over $1000.

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