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Alberta Slim's web site is no longer active - created by Phil Vogler

Update - November 25, 2005. Alberta Slim passed away peacefully at his home in Surrey, BC on November 25, 2005 at the age of 95, Alberta Slim was a deeply loved, greatly admired, remarkable individual - a man of enormous energy and warmth, who's flame burnt brightly until just days before the end of his life." - Phil Vogler - The site was discontinued a year or so ago.

Thanks to Alberta Slim, we have been granted permission to post the lyrics of this famous song which portrays our
Annapolis Valley home.

When It's Appleblossom Time
In Annapolis Valley

by "Alberta Slim" Eric C. Edwards

There's a valley leading down from the great Atlantic
to the westward where all beauty can be found.
Many years I've lived amongst the glory found there,
and to the world I wish this message known.

When it's apple blossom time in Annapolis Valley,
where all nature is in bloom to beautify;
When it's apple blossom time in Annapolis Valley,
where God's hand has made a land of Paradise.

There's a place that's dear to me in Annapolis Valley,
it's a little dream home nestled 'mongst the hills.
Silv'ry moonbeams dancing across the golden blossoms,
it brings back fondest memories to me.

When evening shadows fall on Annapolis Valley,
and sweet perfume from the blossoms fills the air,
There's no other place for me 'cause I'm so happy,
where nature has built beauty to compare.

Composed - By "ALBERTA SLIM" 1948 KENTVILLE. N.S.

2000 By "Alberta Slim" Eric C. Edwards

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